At some point in our lives, nearly every one of us faces hardship, injustice, and unfairness. And, in order to persevere, nearly every one of us needs help from loved ones, strangers, community groups, or government.

For twenty years, I faced injustice and unfairness while being imprisoned for a crime I did not commit. But energized by my optimism and faith in the system, and helped by countless people and organizations, I finally received justice and fairness. Prosecutors conceded they had convicted the wrong person, and a judge set me free.

After coming home, I earned a college degree, started a family, and became an advocate for justice and equal opportunity. I was determined to help make life better for people in our community, especially our youth.

That’s why today, I’m announcing my campaign for State Assembly in the 51st district. I’m running because I believe that every family deserves an advocate who is dedicated to helping them triumph over the challenges and unfairness in their lives. I believe I will serve as a beacon of hope and optimism, but even more importantly, I will serve as a fighter for fairness and justice.

Because of my experience, I am uniquely positioned to represent families who are struggling to earn a living, find good schools for their children, and maintain faith in the face of adversity. I know firsthand what it means to face hardship, and how important it is to know you have an advocate in your corner.

I will be an advocate for every family pursuing the American dream. I will fight to make sure every young person has opportunity. And, I will dedicate myself to being a constant reminder that every person deserves fairness from their government, their employer, and their community.

Our neighborhoods face many economic and social challenges. In addition, we now have a President who is hostile to Californians’ desire for economic opportunity, affordable health coverage, environmental protection, and civil rights. That’s why it’s so important for us to have representatives with a proven commitment to fighting for fairness and justice.

I see opportunity in even the most difficult situations, and I have forged consensus in even the most hostile environment. I have been tested, but always maintained my character and determination. My journey may have taken a different path than other Californians, but our goals have much in common. In the Assembly, I will use my proven determination and persistence to fight for those goals.


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